5 Ways To Make Running On The Treadmill So Much Better

The thought of running on a treadmill for a long period of time can be daunting (and boring!) compared to running outside. Sometimes, though, the treadmill is your best bet for logging some miles, be it thanks to inclement weather or an injury. Ready to conquer the treadmill? Here’s how to make your long run on a treadmill suck a little bit less.

1. Break it down

Treadmill miles can be intimidating. That’s a lot of time to be running in one place! Break down your long run into smaller increments in your head. Instead of thinking about running eight miles, think of it as two four-mile runs. Doesn’t that sound a lot better and less daunting?

2. Take breaks

If your training calls for logging more than 10 miles, you might want to take a mini break every two miles, or a slightly longer break after mile five or six. These breaks will give you a little mental recess and you’ll come back feeling stronger and ready to conquer the next set of miles.

3. Listen to a podcast

Unlike running outside, when you’re running on a treadmill, the scenery doesn’t change. Keep things interesting and listen to a lengthy podcast episode or an audiobook. It will feel a bit different than running to music, but you’ll want to stick around to hear the full episode or how the book ends. Treadmills also make this super easy thanks to having a holder to stash your phone. Hands-free running for the win.

4. Create a new playlist

If podcasts aren’t your jam, make a special playlist for your treadmill run. Fill it with your favorite high-energy get-pumped songs (might I suggest Katy Perry’s “Roar” on repeat?) and rock out your run.

5. Run intervals

Switching up your speed throughout your run will make the miles fly by faster — quite literally. If the goal of your run is logging miles, considering bumping up the pace a smidge for the final quarter of every mile. After hitting the next mile, maybe you stick to the faster pace or go back to your original pace. Repeat for every mile throughout your run.

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