Mark Bittman on What’s Wrong With What We Eat

In this fiery and funny talk, New York Times food writer Mark Bittman weighs in on what’s wrong with the way we eat now (too much meat, too few plants; too much fast food, too little home cooking), and why it’s putting the entire planet at risk.

  • love him. and his message.

  • kinikia

    I grew up on an Italian American family ~ Mediterranean diet. Everything was cooked fresh and we had lots of vegetables and fresh fruit.This way of eating at an early age helped to pave the way to continue a healthier diet for me and my family. I buy locally grown organic fruits and vegetables that are in season.( localfore).  I do not eat red meat unless it originates from my son in law’s elk meat. The dairy industry’s health claims are grossly overinflated. I am not vegan and consume from a local dairy, raw milk, butter and cheese. I became an addict label reader in the grocery stores. My grown children will contest that a food shopping trip turned out to be a class on nutrition. Fast foods, meat,sugar, gmo’s, junk foods have become daily consumption  in our diet. We are told that protein in essential. Where does that come from? A friend use to work in a meat packing plant in the 60’s. The atmosphere was so toxic and alarming, he became a vegan. Gorillas are strong with their green diet. they don’t eat meat. Eat consciously, eat lovingly.

  • Emilyduff

    over consumption of factory farmed animals, you fool! eat pastured, grass-fed happy animals to receive all of the amino acids, omega 3s, CLAs, etc.  we are not supposed to be vegetarians!

  • veggie