Here’s a Meditation Exercise from Gabby Bernstein’s New Book

“Energy flows where intention goes.” So says New York Times best-selling author and self-proclaimed “spirit junkie” Gabby Bernstein.

Bernstein’s new book, The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith (Hay House), aims to help people transform their anxieties into a sense of purpose.

“Fear creates resistance in our energy,” Bernstein notes. “When we are stuck in fear, that resistance blocks us from the natural support of love that is available to us all the time. Throughout the book I refer to this loving support as the energy of the Universe. When we block the energy of the Universe we feel stuck, depressed, sick, weak and alone. When you read the book, the lessons within it will help.”

The book is filled with stories, lessons, and meditation exercises that Bernstein says will guide readers to release resistance and reconnect with happiness, security, and clear direction.

Here is one of Bernstein’s meditation exercises, aimed at helping people create visions of the world they want to see:

A Course in Miracles says, “The mind is very powerful, and never loses its creative force. It never sleeps. Every instant it is creating. It is hard to recognize that thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains.”

We must learn to train our mind to create with love rather than with fear. This exercise is a great practice for you to begin awakening to the power of your own creations.

Begin the practice of image making by answering this simple question: What do you want to see? Be unapologetic about your answer. Maybe you want to see a world without war. Maybe you want to see yourself in a wildly romantic relationship. Maybe you want to see yourself walking through life free from fear. Create the images that you most long for.

Write down your answer now. What do you want to see?

Next, reread your response and then close your eyes and sit in stillness for five minutes.

Image making meditation:

Sit up straight resting your hands on your thighs with your palms facing upward. When you sit up straight with proper, natural (not stiff) alignment, you become a channel to receive positive energy.

Close your eyes and turn your focus inward.

Allow your inner spirit (your inspiration) to come forth and surrender to the images that you want to see.

Let the wisdom within you create images in your mind’s eye.

Surrender to this wisdom now.

Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth.

With each inhale and exhale surrender more fully to the visions that you want to see.

Consciously focus your attention on them.

Allow visions of what you want to guide you on a journey of new perceptions.

Sit as long as you wish.

When you’re ready, gently come out of your meditation and take a moment to jot down any images that may have come through. Maybe what you want to see is a newborn baby and in your meditation you saw the eyes of a child. Or maybe you long for a romantic partner and in the stillness you saw yourself in a warm embrace with a lover. It’s even possible that you saw images that were far less literal and in time you’ll come to understand the message behind them.

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