Healthy Miami City Guide

Miami used to be known mostly for its beaches, nightclubs, day parties and shopping — but the Miami scene has been evolving in a deeper and more profound way. And I’m not talking about the underground. We´re talking ecstatic dancing paired with cacao ceremonies, drum circles, sound healing, and sexual healing with crystals. Every other month a new organic or vegan place seems to be opening up. The health and wellness scene is thriving!

As part of this scene, tons of incredible, healthy restaurants have opened in Miami. Here are our favorites.

Plant Miami

Located in the Sacred Space Miami,  Plant Miami is the best raw vegan place in town in my humble opinion. They serve up plates so beautiful you won’t want to eat them. I love going in the daylight so I can photograph their beautiful creations.  Next door is their space for events and their wonderful must-stop-shop Flow.

Soul Tavern

Famous for their gluten-free pancakes, beautiful basil plants, garden, and delicious thin pizzas, Soul Tavern is Miami’s first plant-based gastropub. Their jackfruit gyozas, draft kombucha, and full bar make it a wonderful place to stop by if you’re in South Beach.

Dr Smood

This place is a life saver. Dr Smood locations are all over town by now, even though they began in Wynwood — which is still my favorite spot. They are 100% organic and serve smoothies, golden milk lattes, and paninis that are deliciously made to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Love Life Café

Love Life Café serves my absolute favorite vegan burger in town! It even won a prize two years ago at Seed Festival as the best vegan burger nationwide. No joke!  Their kale salad with vegan parm crumbles is something my daughters and I all crave. We fight over it! They also have amazing desserts by Pamela Wasabi and also fries, subs, arepas… Healthy comfort food at its best.

Choices Vegan Café

If you have a craving for vegan pizza or burritos, Choices Café has wonderful, colorful options.


Serving up organic creations and paleo-centric food, Dirt still offers plenty of vegan options. I love their avocado toasts and bowls.


If you’re looking for a fancy place to eat, Ghee serves the BEST Indian curry in town. But be warned: you need to get a reservation.


One of the most romantic, beautiful spots for Mediterranean food, Mandolin serves delicious Greek classics: think fresh fish, grilled veggies, and plenty of olives.


I love Rice for its Mediterranean bowls. Their sauces are incredible and they have so many options as a base. My favorite: cauliflower rice!

Pura Vida

Great place to get a smoothie or burrito in South Beach, Pura Vida uses tons of locally sourced, organic ingredients.

NOA Café

A tiny hidden gem, Noa Café serves creative takes on Mediterranean and Asian dishes.

Della at Wynwood Yard

Della serves up great, inexpensive vegan bowl creations. As a protein option, I love the adashash, a locally-made lentil-based protein creation that is rocking it in town and is available at certain restaurants mentioned here.  But Della’s Caribbean bowl rocks my boat so much that I have it on a weekly basis most of the times. Their almond butter cup is to die for, but you have to share it. And on Sundays, reggae live concerts are usually scheduled and the full bar gets pretty packed — but always enjoyable for the whole family. Dogs and kids welcome.


The best place for organic ice cream, Bianco’s vegan nocciola is to die for! They make their own waffle cones and even have gluten-free ones available most of the time. Their brownies and little sweets are decadent and adaptable to most diets. Harbored in Coconut Grove, it’s a great place to check out before or after hitting the nearby parks.


My favorite thing at GLAM is the wild mushroom flatbread. It is SO delicious — and a great option when you are craving pizza but want to keep it healthy!

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