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5 Ways To Tackle Transitions

5 Ways To Tackle Transitions

Transitions occur when there is any disruption in our lives — whether that is a positive or negative disruption. Here are five suggestions for tackling transitions without losing your cool.


Cultivate Your Earthing Habit – Today!

We all know that getting out into and experiencing nature is good for body and soul but these days, unfortunately, most of us are way out of touch with nature. Many of us live in hermetically-sealed houses, travel to our windowless offices in airless cars and trains, have lunch delivered, then close out the day indoors, with a workout at the gym, yoga or spin studio.

11 Ways to Make New Friends and Cultivate Relationships

11 Ways to Make New Friends and Cultivate Relationships

Friendships come and go, ebb and flow, and, as we age, some can disappear altogether. While technology does make staying in touch (however loosely) easier, digital friendships can’t fully replace old-school, face-to-face time. While real friendships may require a little more effort, their benefits to physical and emotional health are legion

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Find Your Tribe: How To Create Real, Non-digital Connection

Most of us grew up in some iteration of a community. Within it, there was usually an assortment of friends, neighbors, co-workers and relatives, who for years remained relatively stable presences in our lives. However, when we head out on our own far from home, that sense of community often falls away. Disconnection can follow with our insular, digitally-saturated lifestyles

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3 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care This Month

Self-care is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, yet often the first thing that gets neglected. The reality is that we need to put the same amount of care and diligence into our mental health as we do our physical health.