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Gift Yourself Seasonal Sanity: 15 Tips for a Truly Happy Holidays

Gift Yourself Seasonal Sanity: 15 Tips for a Truly Happy Holidays

Ah, the holidays. They can drive you a bit bonkers if you let them get out of hand. The trick to smoother holiday sailing is learning how to navigate them so you’re not swept into a sea of stress. Here’s my prescription for keeping mind and body on an even keel, from now through New Year’s Day:

Gratitude: Make It A Daily, Life-Changing Habit

Gratitude: Make It A Daily, Life-Changing Habit

Simply choosing 5 minutes a day to sit quietly and express gratitude boosts mood, decreases stress, and improves overall outlook on life. Write 10 things, or write 100 things. The number isn’t important, but, the practice is key to experiencing the impact. Give it a try, morning or night – Use these habit-building tools to truly make giving gratitude a lifelong habit, and see how the shifts begin to take shape.

Habit building

Habit Building 101

Our brains are built on habit. The sooner we take advantage of this, the better for our health!

Life Hacks

10 Hacks for Better Living

As a holistic psychiatrist, I would love for my patients to forage for wild greens in an old-growth forest and meditate an hour a day. But I practice in New York City, so most of my patients push back on that plan and say they can dedicate about 90 seconds per day toward wellness. To help out, I’ve identified a few life “hacks” that pack the most bang for your buck. Give some of these a try, and you’ll be feeling better with minimal effort.


Mindset for Maintenance: Getting Clean and Staying There

A gentle cleanse, like the Be Well Cleanse, is based on whole food meals and detoxifying smoothies and herbal supplements, not starvation. Cleaning up your diet and removing inflammatory foods based on the Cleanse diet allows your body to focus on rejuvenation, instead of repair, and can increase your energy, leaving you feeling revitalized. Glowing skin, fabulous moods, happy thoughts, and clearer thinking are all common results from the many groups that I’ve led through the Be Well Cleanse. However, sustaining this eating style and level of well-being can be a challenge once your cleanse is over.


What You Don’t Know About Depression

If you’re diagnosed with depression, then chances are you can relate to any of the following: persistent distress, malaise, anxiety, inner agitation, fatigue, low libido, poor memory, irritability, insomnia, sense of hopelessness, and feeling overwhelmed and trapped but emotionally flat. You might wake up most mornings unmotivated and uninspired, and you drag yourself around all day waiting for it to end (or waiting for a drink). Maybe you feel a sense of dread or panic without knowing why.