Be Well’s Mind+body Workshop: How To Improve Mental, Physical And Emotional Well-being Through Exercise

In the latest Be Well workshop, Dr. Lipman and Sadie Lincoln of Barre3 talk about the connection between exercise and our mental, physical and emotional well-being. Rebecca Willa Davis, deputy editor of Well + Good, moderates the conversation and gets both experts to share how they stay active in a mindful way.

Moving is an entry point to connect with oneself. It’s powerful when we can exercise and start to tune our awareness to how our body feels…and actually connect the mind and body.” —Sadie Lincoln

“If after exercise class you feel exhausted, then you know you’ve pushed yourself too hard….and should find a type of exercise where you don’t push yourself over the edge.” —Dr. Frank Lipman

For more advice and insight, check out the workshop video below.

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