Moo-ove Over Milk!
Pilar Gerasimo Talks Milk Alternatives

Experience Life editor in chief Pilar Gerasimo talks about some of the common cow’s milk alternatives on the market, and why you shouldn’t reach for the low-fat versions of product.

  • She could have also mentioned that it is best to drink these cold if you are not used to the taste.

  • This all are just processed foods Dr. L. Better to make your own. It’s super super easy. A recipe for that would be much better than encouraging MORE processed foods that contain chemicals. Also, I am almost positive the dairy industry is taking over this “food” niche. Silk is just one example.

  • Juno

    Also people should be aware that the vast majority of these milks are artificially thickened with carrageenan, a known GI tract irritant and potential carcinogen (also sometimes is listed under the romantic-sounding name of “Irish moss”). Whatever you call it, we shouldn’t be adding it to our foods but it’s difficult to find a brand that doesn’t add it. Better to go with a homemade nut milk than ingest all those unnecessary ingredients that the commercial brands are adding.