Move Your Body

20 Ways to Move More Every Day!

Before there were gyms, treadmills, and sneakers, there was simple, human movement. And just about every day, all day, throughout human history, humans did a lot of it, to survive, to locate water, food, and perhaps the neighbors. Fast forward a few millennia and everyday movement has all but ground to a halt. Most of us are sitting far too much…

Better Movement Equals Better Results

Nike is constantly telling everyone, "You're an athlete." Here’s the thing: You’re most likely not an athlete, and that’s okay. You shouldn't be worried about being an athlete - you should be focused on becoming a better mover!


Forever Fit

Getting older doesn’t have to mean retiring from your favorite activities and sports. Here’s your guide for staying fit for life.I’m 70. There, I said it.None of my previous milestone birthdays — not 40, 50, or even 60 — got my attention. But 70 did