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20 Ways to Move More Every Day!

20 Ways to Move More Every Day!

Before there were gyms, treadmills, and sneakers, there was simple, human movement. And just about every day, all day, throughout human history, humans did a lot of it, to survive, to locate water, food, and perhaps the neighbors. Fast forward a few millennia and everyday movement has all but ground to a halt. Most of us are sitting far too much…

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5 Reasons Why Movement Really is Your BEST Medicine

Your are designed to move. To walk frequently pivot, turn, lunge in multiple directions, to push, pull, hoist, stand, sit and get back up again. With regular movement, your joints stay lubricated and injury free, tendons stay robust and all the components of your skeletal and muscular system move fluidl

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Resolute To Lasting Change With Project By Equinox

Trainer – check. But typically what is missing from the wellness puzzle is that piece that can take your diet and lifestyle from basic to excel. Here’s how a health coach can help you personalize, reach and then sustain your health and wellness goals with the help of PROJECT by Equinox.