Just Breathe

Feeling overwhelmed? Intentional breathing can help quell your anxiety. Try these four breathing methods.


Movement: Can You Read the Signs?

It’s time to move. It doesn’t matter if you are reading this from your bed or your chair or from the line outside of your favorite lunch spot. The time is now, because any time, really, is the time to move.

Yoga Twists

4 Yoga Twists Often Done Wrong

Twists are a favorite among many yoga practitioners. These poses can be advanced and have several health benefits. Rotating and twisting your upper body releases tightness in the lower back to promote spinal neutralization and better rotation and aids in detoxification and digestion. However most who attempt these twists are often doing them incorrectly. Jamming their bodies into a position they’re not ready for or not fully understanding the alignment of the pose are the common reasons yoga twists are often done wrong. The end result of incorrect twisting are over stretched muscles in the hips and lower back which in time will create instability and injuries.


Hey Man…You Need Yoga!

In the female dominated world of yoga, I’m actually seeing more men attending my yoga classes. Although the classes I teach are more of a power yoga style, they’re still coming week after week and I love it. It shows me that the old association of yoga being touchy feely, only for women and for hippies is finally making its breakthrough. Men are understanding the importance of adding yoga and stretch to their fitness routine and those who are consistent are seeing results.

Lifestyle Apps

6 Healthy Lifestyle Apps

Here at Be Well we love anything that makes living a healthy lifestyle easier. Apps are a great way to do just that! Here are 6 of my favorite healthy lifestyle apps.

Fit in Ten

Fit in Ten

Got 10 minutes and one kettlebell? Then you’ve got time for girevoy — one of the most effective strength-and-cardio workouts around. A half-dozen fit, determined-looking women, each holding a 53-pound kettlebell in one hand, stand side by side under the watchful eye of a panel of judges. In one powerful motion, each athlete swings her kettlebell from knee to shoulder height, pauses, explosively presses it overhead, and lowers it back to the starting position. Then, without resting or putting the weight down, she does it again. And again. For 10 minutes. Then the men go, holding a 70-pound kettlebell in each hand.

Yoga Detox Twists With A Twist

Yoga Detox Twists With A Twist

For most of us, the post- holiday sugar and alcohol funk puts “cleansing” on our radar, so this is a great time to incorporate twists into your yoga practice. When you twist, the organs become compressed, which then pushes out blood filled with toxins. Twisting also stimulates circulation and improves digestion, stretches and strengthens the spine, and helps maintain flexibility in the vertebral discs and ligaments.