My Favorite Health-Related Youtube Videos
Of 2013

We all watch Youtube now, so I thought it would be a good idea to share my favorite health related Youtubes this year. Here are 4 funny ones and 2 excellent (although long) episodes of 2 documentaries.

1. Bill Maher on why you can’t complain about horse meat if you voted No on GMO Labeling.

2. Stephen Colbert on Wheat Addiction


3. Aasif Mandvi from the Daily Show investigates the American heartland’s war on biotech companies and learns that greedy farmers have threatened the livelihood of Monsanto’s heroic patent attorneys.

4. Dave Letterman on Fracking


5. Excellent investigative journalism by an Australian TV show exposing the myths behind cholesterol lowering drugs like Statins. Watching this, you get to see how pharmaceutical companies have inflated the benefits and hidden the risk of side effects of these drugs. Worth watching!


6. In this first of a three-part British series, “The Men Who Made Us Fat”, Jacques Peretti traces those responsible for revolutionising our eating habits, to find out how decisions made in America 40 years ago influence the way we eat now. It is an excellent documentary which describes how fat was demonized and sugar and processed foods became ubiquitous in our food with disastrous effects. Long but excellent.
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