My Morning Ritual, Awake and Alive

For me to be alive and happy I have had to organize my life differently. I had to find time where I would otherwise have been stressing over plans undone or future desires unmet. I have moved into a space where how I wake up becomes the template for a day well lived. I awaken with the sun most days if I have gone to bed early enough the night before. I have realized over years of trying to defy the needs of sleep that rest is the most nurturing and powerful gift I give myself. Sleep heals and rejuvenates my body. It purifies my thoughts and regenerates brain function. It also is helps me defy the aging process to a certain degree at night my body can fully relax, recharge and reorganize from a day of projects plans and expectations. I have had to learn to sleep. I used to believe that I was more efficient without sleep. I believed that I was more spiritual when I didn’­t need much sleep. This has proven to be untrue. I always felt my energy was compromised. Now I get 8 to 9 hours where I used to only get 6. I am so much more at ease now.

I drink water first thing in the morning. I drink a glass of Noah’­s water a natural magnesium spring water that tastes sweet. I sometimes spin it in an oxygenating spinner which then oxygenates my cells. I drink one full glass and then another half glass with a tablespoon of Himalayan Sea salt water mixed in to get the nutrients of good salt since beginning this practice not all that long ago I feel my immune system boosted. Water is critical to ones good health good clean water has the ability to get rid of a headache create energy and un-fog your brain especially after a night of dreams and travel.

I then sit in my garden facing the light which is still making its way into a brighter sky. I breath at first natural breaths then variations of breathing that involve retaining air or alternate nostril breathing and sometimes quick breaths. I then rotate my spine while sitting crossed legged I rotate one way then the other. A few minutes each side I go up and back with my spine arching and rounding like a cat would do upon awakening. I roll my wrists and arms to find a fluidity of movement and the kinks of sleep get undone. I stand and swing my arms up and down and round and round I roll my head each way and rotate my shoulders – these movements all to wake my body up to the new day. It can take 10 to 30 minutes depending on how much time I have or what my body needs.

The great joy that comes from the sun peaking over the hills and finding it’­s way to my face while the air is still crisp is like being kissed by the Beloved. It says good morning in a way that no other kiss can say. Sometime I will continue and do some yoga postures, like cat cow, sun salutations and more, until I find that I am in a full back bend and the sun is now beating down on my chest and heating every tendon that is now liquid from slow intent motion designed to oil me.

After yoga I may workout jump rope or lunge swing kettle bells and do push ups, but the important movement happened slowly and organically and was my morning introduction to the day. Then I sit silently. Bindu, my dog rests in my lap and we both sit with eyes closed or open. I tune into my breath again and I listen. The chirps and buzzing the call of busy mama birds feeding their chickadees and the racket a squirrel makes when a cat has been found looking nefariously in their direction, ready to pounce. I feel the crisp air turn warm and healing and I feel all my cells activated and I rejoice in all that I am grateful for. This is the way to begin a day. AWAKE, ALIVE and connected to myself and aware that the voice that comes to me as I sit, is my inner guidance a voice that tells me I am okay and that this new day hold tremendous possibility.