Never Leave the Playground

As we age, many of us have a fatal flaw that can lead to a fatal fall — we lose our balance, stability and coordination. Stephen Jepson says he can change that for everyone. And as a bonus, he believes it can help you build brain cells, develop neural pathways and prevent or delay Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What is his prescription? Play!

Stephen believes the key to never losing your balance — or your mind — is in the games and activities of our youth. Wait until you see his incredible playground!

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  • What an extraordinary man ! Thanks for posting this – you made my day !

  • Angela Willis

    SOOOOO inspiring (even to my kids who watched this)!!

  • terri cole

    Wow this guy is really onto something! I am sharing this with everyone I know and going to start to do some ‘playing’ of my own! Thanks Dr. Lipman

  • Jeff Rosen

    His website is Some good video there.