How To Get Back Into Your Wellness Routine After The Holidays

As we officially wrap up the festivities of the holiday season, it’s time to turn our attention to hitting the reset button and starting again. It’s necessary to drop the ball sometimes, to throw caution to the wind, and commit to really enjoying yourself in the process. But it’s also important to connect back with self discipline and reality and take the time to re-establish routine and self-care. Below is a step-by-step guide curated to help you get back on track. Start with the little things.

Drink water.

The quickest way to correct impurities is to up your water content. Hydration can fall to the wayside when alcohol gets in the way, but as well as replenishing hydration, water will naturally flush your entire system — and the results will leave you with clearer skin, a better ability to sleep, increased weight loss, and sharper concentration.

Prioritize sleep.

Setting up your sleep schedule is one of the most foundational tools you can do to tap into a better you. Create a bedtime and stick to it, and during the week, make yourself wake up at the same time every day and then sleep in a little on the weekends. Make a commitment to stay off phones and laptops in bed and create an evening routine that enables your body to wind down from the day. Think herbal tea, a warm bath or shower, a good book, or relaxing tunes.

Revisit routine.

Remember your life prior to the holiday season? Exercise routine in place, meal prep down pat, an acceptable sleep pattern? Well, it’s time to revisit that place! Start to schedule some workout classes back into your week. Slow and steady wins the race. Add in a few to begin with, and then as you reestablish your stamina and your routine, you can build from that space. A trend listed on Well + Good’s 2019 wellness predictor list is the movement to take a step away from the need to be so, well, “well.” The theory that the recent wellness boom has created increased pressure for people to engage in performative wellness actually creates anxiety, self-doubt, and depression. If this rings familiar for you, place emphasis on small, practical rituals to ground you and support your health.


Sometimes it just means filtering back in more default movement as the rush hour of the holiday season pipes down. That might look like a commitment to walking yourself around town as opposed to conveniently jumping in a cab or on the subway — or that age-old hack of using the stairs instead of the elevator. Try rolling out your yoga mat first thing in the morning and taking 15 minutes to intuitively move your body, whether that is a yoga practice or something with body weight or cardio — make it up! Don’t think too much about it — once you start on these tiny habits, it’s hard to not fulfil them. They just become you.

Start small.

In reference to the previous point, ease yourself back into the routine. Set yourself reasonable goals, one step at a time, and build from that place. Remember that slow progress is better than no progress — and the most important part of your routine is having a steady foundation in place from which you can build. Get clear on what your intentions are, write them down, and then take small, actionable steps. You got this!

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