6 New Year’s Eve Wellness Rituals To Start 2019 Off Right

A new year means new opportunities! It’s time to cleanse, renew, and bring in more of what you truly want. In many traditions that means you first need to let go of what no longer serves you. Maybe you want to spend some time during the weekend before New Year’s Eve on actually cleaning up, throwing out, and donating what you no longer need or use. Or maybe you want to get rid of some behavior patterns that no longer serve you well. Once the clearing is done it’s time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished and start putting your energy and focus on what you want the next year to look and feel like.

Burn after writing

The simple but powerful ritual of writing down the things that are no longer serving you and that you want to get rid of is perfect for New Year’s Eve! Take a moment to reflect on negative thought patterns, words you use towards yourself or others, and even habits that you want to let go of. Then write them all down on paper. Tear up, or even better, burn the piece of paper in the fireplace while putting your thoughts and attention toward truly letting those things go. You don’t want to bring those things with you into a new year — so release them!

Clutter clearing

The time before the new year is a great opportunity to clear your physical space, too. Get rid of all the excess stuff that you don’t need or use so that there’s space for you to grow. Outer order leads to inner calm and there is no better feeling than letting go of the clothes that no longer fit, cleaning out the junk drawer, or organizing your bathroom cabinets. Put on a podcast and get to work. Toss out anything that’s expired or that you never use. Donate clothes to a shelter or sell them online or to a consignment store. Once your clutter is cleared, go through your home with sage to clear the energy and burn some palo santo while you’re at it!


I also believe that we don’t take enough time to truly celebrate our proudest moments and accomplishments. We so often just rush on to the next thing on our to-do list and are quick to set new goals to replace the old. Truly take some time to reflect on your proudest moments and fondest memories from the years that passed. Maybe it was simply a sweet moment with your child, a hug from a stranger, or a meal shared with an old friend. Maybe you hit a career goal or visited a new country you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re with friends on New Year’s Eve this is a great conversation starter or dinner table topic. Cheer each other on, give your friends a round of applause, and take some time to relish in it!  


When you incorporate a gratitude practice and have an attitude of gratitude and happiness, things can also manifest faster for you. While you may want to incorporate a moment daily to reflect on what you’re feeling grateful for, and asking your kids to do the same, New Year’s Eve is another opportunity to take a pause and truly feel what we were grateful for in the year that passed. This can be another nice thing to share with family or friends and will make the evening feel that much more special.

Vision boards

Once you’ve let go and said your thanks, it’s time to start looking forward! What do you want to bring in in the new year? What feelings do you want to feel? What rituals do you want to embrace? Who do you want to spend more time with? Visualize yourself in the new year. Then have some fun with it and make yourself an actual visual representation of that! Use images from magazines and catalogs, focusing on colors that reflect the feelings you want to feel. Want to travel somewhere specific? Put a picture of the destination up there. Want to find a new romantic partner? Visualize what that will feel like and what you will do together and put visual representations on your board. Whatever your heart desires, get specific and put it on your board. Then, place the board somewhere where you’ll see it every day. Maybe you can meditate near it or look at it before you start your day to be reminded of what you want to put your energy towards.

One word

Lastly, if all of this feels like too much for you, go ahead and choose ONE word that represents something you want to focus on in the new year. Some ideas: abundance, peace, calm, yes, less, adventure, service, fun, passion.