Other Common Questions About Detox

Is Detoxification safe?

A good detoxification program is based on safe, effective, all-natural herbs and nutrients. The program should be gentle and work with your body’s own detoxification ability and normal patterns of elimination.

It should eliminate foods and toxins that put an extra load on your body’s natural detoxification systems. But at the same time, it should include fiber that scrubs your intestines naturally and binds the toxins for excretion and elimination. It should also include nutrients that restore power to the liver, so it can once more eliminate toxins and contaminants.

Are there any precautions or contra-indications?

The type of detox we use in the Cleanse program is generally safe but I still do not recommend it for everyone especially pregnant and lactating women, people with cancer, diabetes, a weak heart, anemia or who have recently undergone major surgery. These individuals should consult a knowledgeable practitioner before beginning any detox program.

What’s your take on juice fasts?

Actually fasting is not the best way to detox as it is important to nutritionally support the body’s own natural detoxification system during the process. If you want to fast, I suggest 2 days maximum, then add the relevant nutrients which are needed for support your detoxification system.

Why is toxicity not recognized by most doctors?

Our conventional medical system does not recognize toxicity nor know how to treat or prevent it. This stands in stark contrast to eastern medical systems where the notion of detoxing has been in place for thousands of years. The detoxification system cannot be mechanically reduced or compartmentalized, symptoms vary greatly from person to person and there is no single magic bullet for it. In fact, if anything, traditional drugs given for some of the presenting symptoms often make the problem worse. Until the way doctors are trained and what they are taught changes, until doctors open up to different ways of seeing problems and different modalities to treat them, detoxification will have to be done outside of the conventional medical system.

Is there research on Detoxification?

Although doctors may not recognize it and many will think it’s a strange concept, there is a lot of research documenting its role in health and disease. We even have a scientific term for chemicals and substances that are foreign to the body and come from the external environment – xenobiotics. There are vast amounts of literature on what all these toxins are doing not only to the environment, but to our health and especially our children’s health. There are also vast amounts of literature on where these toxins are coming from – our houses, household products, food and water, etc.

In the last 20 years, scientific discoveries have shown us more about our biochemistry and the intricacies of how the detoxification system actually works. We now know how to help its functioning through nutrition and lifestyle. We know what nutrients are needed for the system to function, what chemicals inhibit and which ones stimulate enzymes in the system. Cutting edge science is giving us a more sophisticated understanding of how all these chemicals from the environment interact with our bodies on a genetic, cellular and molecular level – how they are broken down and eliminated, what may prevent this and what may help this process.

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