Our Favorite Meditation Apps

Living in a world where we are constantly bombarded with to-do lists, busy schedules and the struggle to find balance between our work and social life, it can be incredibly beneficial to your physical AND mental health to create a regular relaxation practice.

Working at The Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, I often see Dr. Lipman recommend meditation to his patients, encouraging them to find calmness and stillness throughout their day to help them deal with the everyday stressors that can cause damage over time.

Where do they begin? Here are some of our favorite meditation apps that we recommend and use often at Be Well.


This app is referred to as your very own “personal trainer” for meditation.  You start out with a free 10-day challenge, committing to meditate for 10 minutes each day.  After the 10-day challenge, you can then choose to upgrade to receive continued support.


This app contains over 80 customized meditations that you can incorporate during your day, encouraging the listener to create a meditation practice wherever they are!  At work?  Taking a walk outside?  Going to sleep? There’s a meditation for wherever you are in your day!


This app offers much versatility, allowing the user to begin with a complimentary 7-day program where the basics of meditation are introduced.  From there, you can customize your meditation practice by choosing from guided meditation sessions, nature scenes or music tracks, and for their subscribers additional guided meditations are available along with a 21-day meditation program.

The Mindfulness App

With this app, you can choose to listen to different types of guided meditations or you can meditate in silence, setting the timer for as long as you want it to last.  You can also set reminders for yourself that will help keep you accountable with your meditation practice based on location or time.  www.mindapps.se

Living in Love

Brought to you by Deepak Chopra, this app offers 22 guided meditations along with 22 ambient music tracks to let you customize your meditation experience.

Insight Meditation Timer

This app is for the newbie or the experienced meditation practitioner, allowing the user to choose how long they would like to meditate for and which kinds of bells and singing bowls they prefer to begin, end and use as intervals throughout their practice.  Use this app for a quick 5 minute silent meditation or a longer practice with breaks in between.

If you’re interested in creating a regular meditation practice and would like to learn how, please check out this blog post on “How To Start Your Meditation Practice” by Be Well Coach Kerry Bajaj.

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