Palm World Voices, Vedic Path

Palm World Voices

India is a land of pilgrimage, of the majestic, of the sacred–a place with one of the oldest musical traditions the world has ever known. It is also a place where musical culture, yoga, meditation and ayurvedic medicine have combined to expand the minds of countless students for thousands of years.

Thanks to music legend Chris Blackwell and his development of the series of CD/DVD packages, Palm World Voices, music lovers will now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a visually stimulating, aurally tantalizing, and unadulterated listening experience of India.

Within the series, Vedic Path reverberates with the vibrancy of India’s history while connecting the roots of tradition to India’s contemporary superstars. It offers listeners an expansive, meditative, audiovisual journey through India, traversing 5,000 years of the Indian sub-continent’s culture and history. This CD/DVD package integrates ancient musical tradition of the raga with modern Indian recording artists while creating an unrivaled intimacy through photography, film and information.

Included on the definitive audio CD soundtrack are legendary virtuosos like Ravi Shankar, who pioneered the popularization of Indian music in the West, Ali Akbar Khan, AR Rhaman, and Ani Choying Drolma–all of whom are not only stars in their native lands, but renowned the world over.

The DVD offers viewers the surreal, dreamlike experience, navigating a video portrait of India’s diverse culture by combining images with a Dolby 5.1 surround music soundtrack. Included in the deluxe package is a beautiful, 40-page color booklet detailing the history of India, Indian classical music, religions, yoga techniques and other acute facets of Indian culture. The vibrant pictures and informative booklet create, for readers, a sense of understanding and respect for the people of India, along with a yearning to experience the wonders of this ancient land themselves. Also included is an exclusively designed National Geographic map that provides an even greater picture of India through images of the people, music and traditions of this majestic sub-continent.

With the release of this groundbreaking compilation, Palm World Voices will reach out to the true music lover, those seeking the authenticity lost in an often trivial and superficial music industry. Palm World Voices accomplishes its goal, as Blackwell says, “To provide–in a manner that is as entertaining as it is informative–a journey, a vacation and a context for a better understanding of the music and the extraordinary beauty of the people and cultures of our small planet.”

By Mike Recco