Calling All Californians:
Pass Prop 37…We Have A Right To Know!

Citizens of California, the time has come! We’re counting on you to lead the way, to vote GM crops out from the shadows and onto package labels! We’ve got Big Agro and Big Food on the run – so let’s chase them off our tables by voting to pass Prop 37 which will require genetically modified (GM) foods to be labeled as such – and enable consumers to make informed choices about purchasing products that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

In just a matter of hours, all of us in the wellness community and beyond are hoping the dream will at last come true, that California voters will pass Prop 37 and force Big Agro and Big Food to expose the existence of GMOs in their products, right on their labels for everyone to see! For far too long, they’ve had a free pass, hiding GM ingredients from view (and lobbying mightily to keep it that way). Prop 37 will put an end to that. With this simple, yet far-reaching change, almost two decades worth of hidden GMOs in our food will be outed, which may possibly change the way food is grown and produced across the U.S.! Currently, there’s no evidence showing GM foods to be safe for human consumption and passing Prop 37 is a critical first step towards limiting the potentially life-altering, disease-triggering effects of GM foods. In short, I can’t encourage you enough to vote to pass Prop 37 on Tuesday. If you don’t live in California and aren’t able to vote Prop 37 into law, there are still a few ways you can help:

Spread the word: Today, take 2 minutes to post “Pass Prop 37!” – with a link to the “Just Label It!” campaign – on your Facebook page, tweet it and email your nearest and dearest. Then call your Aunt Myrtle in Santa Barbara and Cousin Ted in Sacramento and remind them to vote on Tuesday to pass Prop 37. C’mon, don’t you owe them a call anyway?

Continue the conversation: Remember, if Prop 37 passes – and the polls say it’s looking good – it will hopefully spell the beginning of the end of the secrecy that’s surrounded GM foods since they first snuck onto our plates almost 20 years ago. But the domino effect will only be triggered if we in the rest of the country work to push thru similar legislation in our own states. As California goes, so goes the nation – let’s hear it for the domino effect – so we’ll continue the push to require GM labeling in all states, not just one.

Donate to “Just Label It”: Support the campaign and the scrappy activist group that’s done so much to go up against GMO Goliaths’ Monsanto, Dow Bayer, Syngenta, DuPont and BASF who by some estimates have spent over $40 million trying to defeat Prop 37. Let the GMO Goliaths know that their reign of agricultural terror and destruction may be coming to an end by directing your dollars to “Just Label It!” 

Vote with your fork: Put Big Food on notice by making the conscious decision to buy wholesome foods that are locally grown, organic and non-GM. The more we walk away from GM foods, the less profitable it will be for Big Food and therefore less appealing for them to lace our food with GMOs. Money talks. We’ve got the GM Goliaths quaking in their boots, so let’s do our David-inspired part to take them down!

To read more about how to keep GM products out of your shopping cart, check out some of my other posts on GM foods, one on GMO basics , another on the safety issues regarding GMO’s and another on practical tips to avoid GMO’s.

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