Alexandra Samit

Naturopathica | Health Coach

Alexandra embraced the wellness movement after discovering the healing powers of Dr. Lipman’s Be Well Cleanse and eating plan. With a renewed energy and vitality, she was inspired to become certified as a Health Coach by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® in an effort to help others find the same healing.

Also the owner of her own jewelry company, Alexandra understands the value of self-expression. She designs and sells a custom collection and takes great pleasure in bringing joy to others with her designs. In this way, Alexandra finds a connection between her business and her health coaching. In both, she is able to help others access their fullest expressions.

Eggs for Dinner

Eggs Made Simple for Breakfast or Dinner

Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast? That is the question! And the answer is both! In America, we are trained to think of eggs as mainly a breakfast food. But who says we have to limit eggs to a time frame that ends before noon? In many cultures, it’s customary to eat satisfying foods at any time of day. In Japan, it’s even common to have salmon and miso soup in the morning! So if dinner can be for breakfast, why not breakfast for dinner?


Dairy-Free Creamy Salad Dressing Too Good To Be True

Missing creamy salad dressings after cutting out dairy? This homemade dressing is rich, satisfying and completely dairy-free! It can dress all kinds of salads, but I enjoy it best on summer days atop a bed of grilled romaine. Tossed with the season’s sweet heirloom tomatoes, this salad makes for a meal with tasty textures and dynamic flavors.