Amy Ziff

Made Safe | Founder & Executive Director

Ziff and team have created a 360 degree, scientific approach to determining whether or not ingredients, materials and/or chemicals are safe for use with humans and ecosystems. Using mostly a hazard based approach and exercising the Precautionary Principle the Made Safe services disrupts the usual practice of evaluating ingredients and provides ways for Companies at every stage of their sustainability journey to publicly share their roadmap to sustainability. For consumers and in the marketplace, the MADE SAFE® certification is an easily identifiable seal. The Made Safe programs move the marketplace away from harmful ingredients, impacts the global supply chain, and provides a roadmap for brands and retailers to make and promote safer products for people and the planet.

There is a looming health crisis in the United States. We are raising the first generation of children who are less healthy than their parents. The cost of “chronic diseases” from ADHA to auto-immune issues, diabetes to allergies and asthma are crippling. Cancer rates are expected to impact 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in their lifetime. It’s time to exercise prevention and do the things that you can control. Made Safe puts the power back into your hands. Ziff is determined to help Moms and kids reduce their toxic body burden for increased wellness that lasts a lifetime.

With GOOD HOUSEKEEPING and Hearst Amy launched the #raisethegreenbar Summit in 2017, designed to inspire corporate innovation around sustainability and health. Ziff was recently named a “Woman to Watch by WELL Insiders and Made Safe was named Nonprofit of the Year at Shiftcon in 2018.

Specialties: Ingredient Expert. Nontoxic living. Safe product expert. Healthy living strategist. Mom. Spokesperson. Activist. Teacher. Writer. D-I-Y hack.