Andrea Beaman HHC AADP

Like many people, I used to think chronic sickness was a normal part of the human condition. Today, I know that’s simply not true.

20 years ago, I was diagnosed with an “incurable” disease. The doctor recommended destroying my thyroid with radiation. I listened with discernment and said, “No freaking way!”. Instead, I focused on healing my body with natural, wholesome foods and improvements in my lifestyle and consciousness.

Four months later, my readings had gone from dangerous to just above normal. Two years later, my thyroid symptoms were gone (along with several others). I felt great and was 25 pounds lighter. It wasn’t “a diet,” it was a journey, and what’s more, it was delicious!

Frustrated Boy

Death of a Genius

I knew an eight-year old boy who traveled faster than the speed of light! He was highly intelligent and need only be shown something once, if at all, to quickly process it and move to the next activity. He bored easily and needed constant stimulation from new ideas and life experiences. It seemed as if he had the energy of the entire universe expanding inside him and needed to expend it into the world otherwise he might explode from the pressure! His mother told me she was having problems coping with his high energy and was at her wits end. She said, “He doesn’t pay attention in school and I just can’t deal with him anymore.” She was going to put him on Ritalin.