Carolyn DiCarlo

Designer and Owner

In a world that’s constantly striving to have it all figured out, Carolyn DiCarlo is simply asking you to feel. The way that artwork can speak to you without words and music inspires you to dance, Carolyn DiCarlo’s integrated approach to architecture and interiors drums to the beat of all five senses. The simplicity of her concept is nothing short of groundbreaking. Asking the questions: how does your space make you feel? What does it invoke? Relaxation? Inspiration? Creativity? Tranquility? Sacred space is all about intention. Therefore the magic of sacred architecture, although long forgotten in our rationalist world, seeks to remind us that we are more than just what we do, but instead, what we feel.

Throughout her career, this methodology has informed the design of residential, commercial, and public spaces. Regardless of scale she designs to nurture the support of the greater environment while also addressing the inner needs of the inhabitants. Eccentric, beautiful, and thought-provoking, you feel the space, not just see them.