Gabrielle Roth

Gabrielle Roth. (1941-2012)

Gabrielle had a razor-sharp, penetrating vision of each person she encountered, and saw everyone as a lover, a soul, a magical spirit; an artist, a dancer, a poet; an innocent child and a person of great hidden power and mystery. She had a natural ability to pierce through false veneers of personality, social formalities and layers of self-protection and fear, straight through to the heart of people; to the heart of me.

While she was also passionate about theater, created an extensive collection of music, and was a mystical prose-poet of the written and spoken word-the rapturous stream of her spontaneous speech was dazzling-her central tool was the 5Rhythms worldwide movement practice, to which she devoted most of her life. She called upon the 5Rhythms to physically launch people’s bodies into motion, but in service to their souls.

Set the body in motion and the psyche will heal itself.