Geraldine Paz


Geraldine Paz is the founder of STAE, a natural beauty boutique in New York City that offers a carefully-curated collection of the best clean beauty and wellness products from around the world.

Geraldine grew up in a family of doctors in Venezuela, so as a child, she witnessed firsthand the benefits of preventing disease and “dis-ease” through a healthy, balanced lifestyle. She didn’t think of it as “healing” at the time — it was just how her family lived. From a young age, her mother taught her the importance of simple self-care rituals. Geraldine always cleansed her face before going to bed each night and would create her own chamomile face mists to calm irritated skin. She even had tinctures on hand from her grandmother for various ailments.

Geraldine started STAE when her fast-paced lifestyle started to take a toll on her body. As part of her healing, she consciously simplified and pared down, keeping only the people, things, and ideas that made her feel at home and at ease. That meant detoxing her entire beauty routine. She got rid of dozens of products and supplements she’d accumulated over the years — and in the end, all that remained were clean, natural essentials.

Her promise is to source and edit a curated, seasonal collection of high-quality natural products — ones that invoke ritual, boost feelings of well-being, and, most importantly, really work. Every single product Geraldine curates uses natural, chemical-free ingredients that speak to the whole being: mind, body, and spirit.

Geraldine is passionate about self-care that cultivates inner beauty, nourishes the body with the purest ingredients available, and makes daily ritual something to look forward to. Inspired by her lifelong love of travel, the products and ingredients are sourced from all over the world. She does the research and cuts through the clutter to provide you with the very best selection.