Jen Rufo

Personal Trainer

I aspire to inspire! I’m a certified personal trainer, health coach and athlete. I’ve been a competitive dancer all of my life and am always the happiest when I’m in motion. My philosophy is to stay mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit.

In addition to dance, I practice metabolic conditioning, body awareness, breathing, meditation, yoga, kettlebells, powerlifting, sprinting, HIIT, rowing, gymnastics, pilates, and injury prevention.

I maximize efficiency with full body workouts focusing on mobility, stability and functional strength training.

I love to learn new things, explore movement and change it up so when you’re exercising out with me you’ll never get bored.

My goal is to help you reach and sustain all of your health and fitness goals without an “all-or-nothing”” mentality. Let’s have some fun, enjoy the journey and continue to do all the things we love for as long as we can!