Jessica Ainscough


Jessica Ainscough (July 1985 – 26 February 2015) was an Australian cancer patient and advocate of alternative cancer treatments who went by the self-coined nickname The Wellness Warrior. She died of her cancer in February 2015.

Ainscough, former online editor of teen publication Dolly, was diagnosed with epithelioid sarcoma of the left arm at age 22, and the medical recommendation was amputation, though doctors were able to perform an isolated limb perfusion in the first instance in order to try to save the limb.

When the cancer returned, she again refused amputation and then pursued a range of purported therapies based on diet and lifestyle, including the Gerson therapy.

At the same time she set up her Wellness Warrior blog and moved in with her parents. She was reported to earn “six figures” from her career as an alternative health guru. Her mother, Sharyn, was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2011 and also pursued alternative treatments, dying of her untreated disease in October 2013; according to surgical oncologist and breast cancer specialist Dr. David Gorski this was consistent with the expectations for untreated disease.

Ainscough’s advocacy of Gerson therapy, in particular, was highlighted by Professor John Dwyer of Friends of Science in Medicine: “There is no credible scientific evidence for any of these alternative treatments that claim to cure cancer,” adding that “it can be difficult for people to tell what claims are unscientific and what are not”.

Ainscough continued to promote her blog and advice until at least late 2014, despite increasingly obvious evidence of progression of her disease.[7] Most pictures concealed the affected arm. Profiles, even late in her life, uncritically repeated claims that her treatment had “paid off”, with no balancing commentary from qualified medical practitioners.

Her funeral was attended by Belle Gibson, who falsely claimed to have cured cancer through alternative therapies.

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7 Reasons to Love Apple Cider Vinegar

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When people ask me how I have managed to last so long on Gerson Therapy -- a strict regime of juicing, coffee enemas, and eating only food we have prepared ourselves -- I say that I think of it kind of like an extended stay at a health retreat. I may have been pretty much house bound for the past two years while healing myself from cancer, but at least I’ve done it in style. For both functional and pleasurable reasons, we have quite literally turned our home into a health retreat. Here are some ways you can do the sam

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Why the Broccoli Clan Is
Your Best Ally Against Disease

Way back before I was diagnosed with cancer I had three thoughts about the disease: 1) Kylie Minogue once had it. 2) There could be the possibility of being granted medical marijuana. 3) If you eat broccoli, you can prevent it. The night following the day I was diagnosed, I went out for dinner with my family to a Thai restaurant. I’d never really eaten much broccoli before, but something in me told me that this was the perfect time to start. So I took the funny looking vegetable out of everyone’s dishes and added them to my Thai green chicken curry. If only reversing cancer was that simple!

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The Buzz on Bee Products

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Coffee Enemas:  Not Such a Crazy Idea

Coffee Enemas: Not Such a Crazy Idea

“You put what up your bottom five times a day?” This is the number one question I have received for the past two years when I tell people that I am using coffee enemas as part of my cancer-healing regime. Out of all the supposedly “crazy” acts I undertake as part of my two year Gerson Therapy program (hourly juicing, sticking to a very basic plant-based diet etc.) coffee enemas are the part that has most people thinking I’m cuckoo. Or kinky. I assure you, I’m neither. As Ralph Moss, Ph.D, said, “coffee enemas are serious business: their potential should be explored by good research – not mined for cheap shots at alternative medicine or derisively dismissed as yet another crackpot fad.”