Katie Ulrich

Be Well | Health Coach

Katie Ulrich is a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Academy of Healing Nutrition, and holds her 200 hour Yoga Certification. As a coach her goals are to help elevate her clients with education about the power of a whole foods diet, and help guide them to learn which foods work best for their body and lifestyle. She strives to help people learn how to tune in and connect their body and mind. Healing and nourishing oneself is a lifelong journey that Katie hopes to empower others to embrace with joy, ease, and compassion. She helps integrate simple habits and aims to show clients that a shift into a healthy lifestyle is delicious, rejuvenating, and fun.


The Detox-Friendly Dessert We're Making All Holiday Season

The Detox-Friendly Dessert We’re Making All Holiday Season

Looking for a Fall inspired dessert that won't set you off track or ruin your cleanse? Look no further than this twist on the classic apple crumble. This nutty apple coconut crumble is loaded with healthy fats that help stabilize your blood sugar and keep you full and satiated. There is no added sugar which makes it a cleanse-friendly dessert and let nature's candy really shine.

Brain Foods

Good Mood Foods

Here are some of the key foods that can help lift your mood and add the zest back into your life.