Kermit Pattison


Kermit Pattison is a writer based in St. Paul, Minnesota. His work has appeared in the New York Times, GQ, Inc., Fast Company, Runner’s World, American Heritage and Time. He is writing a book about human evolution for the William Morrow imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. He is represented by Dan Conaway of the Writers House literary agency. He is featured frequently in Experience Life.

Sleep Deficit

Why Sleep Deficit is Real and Serious

Sleep is often the first casualty of our busy lives. We cut out an hour here and there in our quest to fit more into the day, working on the assumption that sleep is unproductive. “I might be wiped out tomorrow,” we think, “but if I stay up a little later, I can accomplish more.” To pass sleep off as an extended stretch of downtime is to dangerously mischaracterize it. Far from being at total rest during sleep, our bodies are intensely busy: While our waking minds go on autopilot, some of our bodies’ most sophisticated mechanisms rev up to do the hard work of repairing and maintaining nearly every aspect of our physiology and psychology.