Marissa Waller & Victoria Fantauzzi

La Bella Figura Beauty | Founders

Marissa Waller is the founder of, an online boutique for unique green beauty finds always served up with some hot organic tea. She is a reformed lawyer with a lifelong obsession with all things healthy and green. She stocks her online boutique with natural, effective, and completely luxurious non-toxic beauty treats, and lives to convert even the most discerning beauty mavens into green beauty connoisseurs. Are you up for the challenge?  Visit

Victoria Fantauzzi is the CEO and co-founder of La Bella Figura Beauty, an all-natural luxury beauty brand and creator of A Night For Green Beauty, a premiere shopping and beauty event held every year in participating cities. Victoria has a penchant for travel, babies and chocolate. Her hobbies include jumping out of airplanes, reading Scientific American and working on effective formulations with her business partner, Karen King. Visit La Bella Figura at

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How Traditional Treatments For Hyperpigmentation Are Actually Causing More Damage to Your Skin

As women in the beauty industry one of the biggest complaints that our customers express to us is chronic hyperpigmentation, or those unsightly dark spots that remain on the skin after a breakout is long gone. It seems that women are becoming more concerned about the aftermath of a bad breakout rather than the breakout itself. There has been much information circulating about acne and how to treat it, fight it, and prevent it but there seems to be little information on how to stop the discoloration of the skin surrounding the area of devastation. In response to this we’ve put together some practical solutions for those seeking to heal those pesky dark spots, and some tips on how to prevent them in the first place.