Nicole Teitler

The Independant | Author

NICOLE TEITLER is a video journalist and author at The independent.

Nicole is both fearless and tenacious, yet always wears a welcoming smile on her face. Nicole has been fortunate to have interviewed several CEOs, designers, top philanthropists, government officials, celebrities and creative thinkers. She has an innate ability to connect an audience to a product, event or idea, with a successful record of taking a concept and telling its story. Her greatest joy? The brainstorming process that transitions a client’s desires into a marketing campaign or placement strategy.

Nicole thrives in fast paced environments and has a solid background in event execution. She’s aided in Long Island Pulse Magazine’s Big Night Out Long Island, managed weekly on-site field operations with Bethpage Polo at the Park and was a key liaison with M Booth & Associates in their consumer events, such a week long Krug Champagne tasting.

With a passion for exploration and travel, Nicole’s list of adventures are endless and continuing. She hiked the gorges of Ronda and trekked into a glacier. She’s horseback ridden to the Mayan ruins, enjoyed coffee in Guatemala and went spelunking in Actun Tunichil Muknal. Nicole snorkeled the Icelandic waters of Silfra, propelled down a tower in Italy, freed sea turtles in Greece and floated in the Dead Sea, to name a few. As an equal opportunity taster, Nicole has eaten her way through every country and across the United States as well. No food left behind.

While at her job Nicole takes pride in personalization. She jots down client interests and special occasions. She later incorporates that information into her follow up conversations, a gesture to acknowledge a relationship being built.