Polly Noble

By the age of 28, Polly had been diagnosed with cancer, not once but twice. Her first dance with cancer began when she was 24 which sparked a deep desire to do everything she could to help herself. During that time she also became passionate about helping people to take back the reins on their health and happiness.

Having initially been down the conventional route of chemo, radiotherapy and surgery, on her second diagnosis Polly felt that there had to be another way to heal and that if the body created dis-ease then it could “un-create” it. So she embarked on a kick cancer-butt mission to heal herself naturally and it is no coincidence that she feels healthier and happier than ever before.

She lost her battle with cancer in 2014

Be Kind to Yourself

Empowered Health:
How to Deal With a Health Crisis

There’s something so annoying about getting sick. Whether it’s the common cold, flu-like symptoms or being hit with the cancer stick – it really is most inconvenient! And let’s be honest, it’s never a good time to get cancer. “I have things to do thank you very much – you are mucking up my life plan god damn you!” was my response to my “incurable” disease.