How Environmental Toxicity Relates to Chronic Disease

In this episode of the Be Well podcast, Dr. Frank Lipman chats with functional medicine expert Dr. Jill Carnahan, who works one-on-one with patients to deal with the root cause of their illnesses —instead of just treating the symptoms —and tailor treatments to their individual needs. Dr. Carnahan and Dr. Lipman discuss everything from the toxic load on our bodies and the chemicals all around us to weakened immune systems and gut problems —and how these all contribute to illness. Dr. Carnahan also discusses her personal story battling illness and how she became so passionate about functional medicine.

At age 25, Dr. Carnahan was diagnosed with breast cancer. After fighting it off, she still felt very sick, and was soon diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Her doctor told her diet had nothing to do with it and it was an incurable disease she’d have for life. She didn’t believe that —and thus began her career in functional medicine, exploring the root causes of illness and how to heal our bodies. Just two weeks into changing her diet, her Chrohn’s symptoms subsided, and 17 years later, she considers herself completely cured.