Intermittent Fasting Revealed

In this episode, Dr. Frank Lipman sits down with Dr. Jason Fung, a leading expert on intermittent fasting for weight loss, diabetes reversal and overall wellness. The author of three best-selling health books, Fung has been a key leader in popularizing fasting and changing the negative perception of it over the last few years. Dr. Fung explains the physiological benefits of fasting —and the science behind why it works so well.

It’s hormones, not calories, that people should be focusing on, Dr. Fung explains. So if you’re trying to lose weight, instead of restricting calories, you should fast, because it’s the most intensive way to lower insulin so your body burns fat instead of storing it. In addition to weight loss, other benefits of fasting that Dr. Lipman and Dr. Fung discuss include lowering risk of diabetes or reversing it, improving brain function, and possibly lowering risk of cancer.

Finally, the doctors touch on a few different types of fasting and which are the best options for specific wellness goals.