The Truth on Salt & Fat

In this episode, Dr. Frank Lipman talks with cardiovascular research scientist Dr. James Dinicolantonio about the myths in our culture about salt. Thanks to a few misconstrued scientific opinions backs in the 1950s, many Americans think salt is poison —but it’s an essential mineral, and a low-salt diet can actually cause a number of health problems. Those include dehydration, increased heart rate, exercise intolerance, and iodine deficiency.

The author of “The Salt Fix,” Dr. Dinicolantonio also discusses the problems with processed foods and sugar, which are much more harmful than salt. One of his key messages is to drop processed food entirely and then add in healthy salts. Dr. Lipman echoes Dr. Dinicolantonio’s philosophy: “Eat real food and salt it to taste.”

In this episode the doctors also discuss the best and worst fats to cook with, magnesium, and anti-inflammatory foods.