Using Movement to Free The Mind and Empower Oneself

In this episode of the Be Well podcast, fitness guru Taryn Toomey talks with Dr. Frank Lipman about how she created what’s known simply as “The Class.” Toomey has always used movement and music as her personal form of medicine, so seven years ago, she began developing a class that does just that. It’s a unique mat-based workout class that combines cardio, yoga, and strength training. But it’s more than just a typical exercise class — it encourages people to ultimately free their mind through movement. It’s all about catharsis and self-empowerment.

That means Toomey trains instructors not just on the physical aspects of The Class, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual components. Through a series of burpees, jumping jacks, and other physical movements, participants are encouraged to bring up a thought that that’s been prominent in their mind for the past few days, weeks, or even years, and then cathartically let it go or reshape the thought entirely.

Dr. Lipman and Toomey also discuss music, which is a crucial part of the class. Songs are curated specifically to evoke different feelings and guide people through The Class — everything from tribal music to quiet singer-songwriters to Rage Against The Machine.