How to Prepare For Your Cleanse

I often speak with people who know that their health needs a boost, and they want to embark on a cleanse. The only problem is that they can’t find the right time to start. They may have a wedding coming up, or a birthday, business trip or holiday.

My recommendation is that if there’s one event standing in the way, just go ahead and start your cleanse. There will always be some special occasion on the calendar, and part of the process of improving your eating habits is learning how to stay on track during these special occasions.

Here are some suggestions to prepare for your Cleanse:

1. Set the date that you are going to start, and plan to go grocery shopping a day or two before you begin.

2. Look at your calendar during those 2 weeks, and get clear about when you’ll be socializing. If you have work dinners or birthday parties, just make a plan for what you will eat at those events.

3. Spend the week before cutting down on caffeine and sugar.  Here is a plan to transition off caffeine.

4.  Check out the Cleanse dietary guidelines and recipes on the website.  Plan some lunches and dinners that you will enjoy.

5. Most important! Spend 10-15 minutes journaling about why you want to do this program, what symptoms you want to clear up, what results you want to achieve, and how you’re hoping to feel when you’re done. Have fun with this and be specific!  This will give you the inspiration to jump in.

Good health starts now – don’t put it off!

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