Re-Designing Your Mind’s Architectural Blueprints

All of us have a downloaded blueprint in our subconscious mind of How It Really Is. I use the term “blueprint” because your belief system is like the architectural blueprint for a house…that someone else designed. Whether it’s finances, love, health, or any other aspect of your life, how you were raised, the lessons you were taught, and your home environment all informed that blueprint. These blueprints are passed down through generations and become your reality. However, just as with any architectural blueprint, you can change your mind’s framework if the one you have is not producing the results you seek. If you want to move from fear into freedom, the first step is to understand your current blueprint in order to make a plan to change it.

Here are some exercises that build self-awareness about the limitations of your downloaded blueprints and some tools to start the re-design.

Be. Here. Now.

By creating the ability to be present in your life, you create the opening to catch the fearful thought before it gets filed in the “reality” bin. The only way to change ingrained thought patterns is to be aware enough, in the present moment, to stop and change the thought. You can achieve this through breathing exercises, daily meditation, and awareness. Changing anything on purpose is almost impossible if you don’t have internal stillness and silence. You need to slow down enough to become the observer of your thoughts in order to sort through them and figure out which are fear-based and not serving your purpose and which are opportunities for you to create the life of your dreams.

Words Have Wings

Be aware of the way you talk and change the language that is not in line with your goals. Use positive words spoken in the present tense and feel those words as if they are true right here right now. We create change with the words we use, the thoughts we hold in our mind, and the feelings they inspire.

Manifesting Nightly Ritual

As the last thing you do before you fall asleep, take time to think about what you want to create in your life and conjure the feelings of having it. Then release it (don’t hold onto those feelings or begin to worry about how they are going to come to fruition) and dose off into la-la land.

Seeing is Believing

Create a vision board of what you want in your life. Simply cut pictures and words from magazines of what you want in your life and pin or paste them to a board to create a collage. Look at the board a few times a day and engage all of your senses to create the full experience of actually having what you see.

Changing your mind about anything is work. The realization that you CAN change your mind, and therefore your life, is the start. This is not magical thinking but science – neuroplasticity. New neural pathways are formed in your brain as you change your habitual thoughts, language, and feelings from fear to freedom. So quiet your doubting mind, try something new, and see what transpires.

I love reading your thoughts, so please share. Also, know I am available to help guide you and that a supportive community is here, which makes opening up to the idea of something new easier.

Love Love Love

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