Reclassifying Pervasive Developmental Disorder
And Asperger’s Syndrome

The American Psychiatric Association is planning to release their new edition of the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual,” the bible of mental disorders.  In it they have “reclassified” children with Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Asperger’s syndrome. These changes will jeopardize services provided for children, impair tracking progress of therapeutic interventions and disrupt research into the causes of the epidemic rise in PDD and autism-related problems that has spread around the world.

While the process of labeling symptoms and signs as if they are “diseases” is fundamentally misleading and cannot adequately describe the individual qualities of any child, it is the only way for children in our society to receive proper medical and educational services in a timely manner.  Changing such labels “mid-stream”  smacks of historical revisionism.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to Obamacare!!!

  • Stupid people.  The way I look at it is they can pay now or wait until things get out of hand.  I often watch these shows about incarcerated people, etc., watch these people going absolutely crazy and wonder how many of them would not be this way if they had treatment.  They can either pay this way or hire more teachers because I deal with a child who I have had in my home since age 4 months.  He did not ask for what happened to him.  He has this and he really, really does not understand many things.  You got that Kimitage.  Welcome to Obamacare!!!!  I think that is pretty much the way he thinks.  Do not take care of the elderly and do not take care of the mentally handicapped.  Kiss it Obama!!!!

  • Ksvaughan2

     Thanks to Obamacare, my 22 year old son has healthcare.  YOu can’t blame Obama for the Republicans starving the program for money.  It makes a huge difference to have at least something.  But with any program you need to find a MD who is not just treating symptoms with pills.

  • Anonymous

    @ Cindy-Thanks for the comments; you’re correct. God bless you for taking that child into your home.

    @ ksvaughan2 – Perhaps you & your Son will find this quiz on Obamacare quite informative.

    A just released Congressional Budget Office report says president Obama’s “national healthcarebill will cost $1.76 trillion over a decade” far surpassing the original $940 billion forecast when first signed into law.