Resolute To Lasting Change With Project By Equinox

Resolutions, shmesolutions. A resolution without holding yourself accountable may as well be a whisper into space. If you are serious about healthy and sustainable resolutions in the new year, we are excited to announce our partnership with PROJECT, Equinox’s disruption-driven talent incubator, where the best NYC trainers are re-creating the future of fitness one Project class at a time.

And from January 1st – 29th, PROJECT and Be Well will be offering a special four week challenge, including 8 Project classes and health coaching sessions to individualize your plan for success during the start of 2018. Take a closer look into what sustainable wellness looks like with Be Well and PROJECT.

Trainer – check. But typically what is missing from the wellness puzzle is that piece that can take your diet and lifestyle from basic to excel. Here’s how a health coach can help you personalize, reach and then sustain your health and wellness goals:


– Health coaching is catered to your unique lifestyle, preferences and schedule to set you up for a system of success, not a “one size all” approach to well being.


– A health coach keeps you accountable and motivated to help you not only reach, but sustain and maintain your goals.


– There are so many fad diets, opinions and flash in the pan techniques that are not only dangerous to your health but can keep you from finding what works for you, long-term.
– Be Well health coaches help you identify and integrate sensible, sustainable practices to enhance your health, and raise red flags as needed. No fainting, hair loss, hunger or light-headedness necessary.


– The Be Well health coaches are personally trained by Dr Frank Lipman, up to date on the latest research, nutritional news, recipes – and know what works!  They talk and walk what they advise.


– We can’t be experts at everything; sometimes a little help can go a long way. Get the support you need to make lasting change.

Learn more about how you can create amazing changes with support from our health coaching staff and PROJECT’S January Fitness Challenge:

Project Reality Check – $264

– The challenge will require participants to take 2 project classes/week for the month of January (8 total) in order to achieve specific fitness goals.

– Each participant’s “program” will be custom designed based on goals, workout preferences, schedule, etc.

– Body measurements will be taken at beginning and end of challenge to gauge success.

– To supplement this offering, participants can enroll in BeWell by Dr. Lipman’s Health Coaching program for an additional fee ($300). In addition to the Project classes, this program involves (1) 60 minute initial health coaching session and (2) 30 min follow-up coaching sessions.

Enroll now for the Project Reality Check package to reserve your spot. Once your enrollment is confirmed, you will then be contacted about adding on the additional BeWell Health Coaching.



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