Rhythm and Health

“Our modern lives have thrown these rhythms off”

We evolved over the millennia as people who lived in harmony with day and night and the seasons. As a result, cycles and rhythms became imprinted in our genes. And we know from science, that our genes are almost identical to our ancient ancestors. So in our genes and biology, we are still our ancient ancestors, but we are living at a pace and rhythm that are completely foreign to these. Our modern lives have thrown these rhythms off, we have outpaced our biology.

“Our body clocks try to harmonize themselves with nature”

According to science, we have more than 100 rhythms, which govern most
of our physiological processes. For instance, circadian rhythms are based roughly on nature’s 24-hour cycle. These rhythms are part of every aspect of our body’s inner workings and they work together to make an entire internal body clock. That is, we have body clocks set precisely to these rhythms and cycles of nature. The master clock is in the hypothalamus, a part of the brain, called the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus. It regulates daily sleep/wake patterns depending on signals from nature like natural sunlight and dusk to know when to tell us to wake up and go to sleep. Our body clocks try to harmonize themselves with nature. But we insist on giving them the wrong cues:

Not enough sunlight
Artificial lights
Eating at the wrong times
Eating food that upsets the rhythm of our genes
Exercising way too fast (or not at all)
Rarely experiencing nature’s rhythms

We have stopped listening to the ticking of our body’s internal clock. We pay more attention to the watches on our wrists than to the ones in our cells.

But when prompted correctly our genetic clocks can reset themselves, by giving them:

natural light
appropriate exercise
relaxation and sleep
exposure to nature
the right supplements
good food at the correct time

“We need to work with our bodies’ rhythms”

When we are out of sync with these rhythms, hormone production and body functions in general become imbalanced. We need to work with our bodies’ rhythms, we need to listen to our bodies’ internal clocks.
When you are out of rhythm, it’s like swimming upstream.
Eventually you will get exhausted, burnt out, Spent. My book REVIVE Stop Feeling Spent and Start Living Again is all about getting back into rhythm and getting your health and vitality back.

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