Robert Gupta: Music is Medicine, Music is Sanity

We in the West consider music as only entertainment, but as I always say, Music is Medicine. In this TED talk, Robert Gupta, a violinist with the LA Philharmonic, talks about a violin lesson he once gave to a brilliant, schizophrenic musician, who was on skid row and the profound changes he saw in him and the trans formative power of music.

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  • Friquegnonm

    Pythagoras belived that the whole universe was understandable in terms of music. He invented the term 'music of the spheres'. The one who first formulated music therapy, he belived that listening to the right music would harmonize one's mind with the universe and cure mental illness.
    Marie Friquegnon

  • MJ

    I wholly agree! Music has the power to soothe, ignite and make the spirit soar!
    MJ Booth