Robert Thurman: Western Medicine is Commercial Medicine

Towards the end of last year, I did a series of talks with some brilliant folks at Tibet House. One of them was Bob Thurman, professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist studies at Columbia and founder of Tibet House. Here is a small snippet of our chat.

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  • This is the truth and I like listening to it very much ! Truth is always refreshing.
    Thank you.

  • Marie Friquegnonm

    I'm so happy to see two of my favoriye people min-melding.This should be the direction of healing now and always.
    Marie Friquegnon

  • Marie Friquegnonm

    Sorry about the spelling. Read favorite for favorite and mind-melding for min-melding.

  • This is so sad, but true. I just saw a free screening of the documentary “Home” last night at the East Village Cinema. It is a stunningly beautiful but heartbreakingly sad film about climate change. It was released in 2009 and has been shown all over the world, but because the director's intention is for it to be shared with as many people as possible at no cost, he has not been able to widely distribute it here in the USA (no profit!). It will be at the EVC until Feb. 10th (NY is the only city it will be shown in unless we get the word out and have our own screenings). I left with a heavy heart but more resolve than ever to try to do my part both on an individual level and by becoming more involved in grassroots efforts.

    What Robert Thurman said was true, Dr. Lipman. You are one of the brave few in the medical community speaking out against what is truly making us sick. Thank you!