The Scoop On Why You Should Be Using Natural Sex Products—And Which Ones To Try

Even if you’re not really the sex toy type, if you’re a woman, you likely use a number of products that come in contact with your vagina regularly. Think tampons, wipes, condoms, lubricant—the list goes on.
Unfortunately, the majority of these products are filled with chemicals. While many of us are working to eliminate chemical-filled products, doing so can be overwhelming, not to mention expensive. While men can certainly benefit from regular use of natural sex products, it’s especially important for women.
“My mission is to get women to start thinking and talking about their sexual wellness in the same way that they are in all other categories,” explains Sustain Natural founder and CEO Meika Hollender. “What most women don’t realize is that their vagina is one of the most absorbent parts of their bodies, so what they put in there matters.”
Unfortunately, as of now the FDA does not require tampon and condom brands to disclose their ingredients, and that’s a huge problem. “These are products we use around 12,000 of in our lifetime,” says Hollender “There is traditionally no way for us to know what’s in these products!”
Want to clean up your sex products? Start by trying a few items on this list..
Sustain Condoms
Sustain’s condoms are not only free of chemicals, they’re also made of latex from one of the most sustainable rubber plantations on the planet and manufactured in an award-winning environmental factory. Sustain also reduces the latex protein level, because it can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Sustain’s condoms are also third-party certified, fair trade and vegan. Get a box of Sustain Condoms here.
The Killer by Love Wellness
If you’ve ever had a yeast infection, you’ve likely used a product like Monistat to get rid of it. And maybe it works, but Monistat is unfortunately packed with chemicals that can do more harm than good. Love Wellness’ product The Killer is a great way to get rid of yeast infections too—but it’s natural. The Killer is a Boric Acid suppository made from a mineral found in seawater, and it’s an excellent way to relieve chronic infections that are typically resistant to other types of medication. Get The Killer by Love Wellness here.
Lola Tampons
Lola was one of the first brands to make a splash in the organic tampon space, enticing users not only with their promise of organic, non-toxic ingredients, but with their delivery model. So no, organic tampons might not be easy to find at the drugstore—but if you want to go down an even easier route, you can simply get them delivered to your door. In choosing your box of Lola organic cotton tampons, you can choose from no applicator, cardboard applicator, or small plastic applicator options. In other words, they’re better for you and better for the earth. Get a box of Lola Tampons here.
Sustain Organic Lubricant
While coconut oil lubricants have been making a splash lately, there hasn’t been must testing done around them, which is why it’s better to go for a water-based lube like the one Sustain Natural offers. Sustain’s water-based lube is enriched with aloe vera and pH-balanced, meaning it’s naturally compatible with a woman’s body chemistry. In addition to enhancing sexual pleasure, Sustain’s lubricant also promises to nourish the skin along the way. A win-win! Get Sustain Organic Lubricant here.
The Honey Pot Normal Feminine Wipes
Whether you’re wiping down post-workout or post-sex, there’s no doubt that feminine wipes come in handy quit a bit. Unfortunately, many mainstream wipes are packed with chemicals, which can lead to allergic reactions or larger issues down the road. The Honey Pot’s natural feminine wipes are created with sustainable, chlorine and pesticide -free rayon, antioxidants and probiotics. They’re also fragrance-free and will help maintain your pH balance. Get Honey Pot Normal Feminine Wipes here.
Good Vibrations Ecorotic Green Sex Toys
If you are the sex toy type, be warned: Sex toys are often made with toxic chemicals. If you’d rather take a more natural route, check out Ecorotic Green Sex Toys. Not only do they make products with better-for-you materials in mind, they also make sex toys that are better for the environment. Get Good Vibrations Ecorotic Green Sex Toys here.

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