Scott’s Experience on the Be Well Cleanse


Scott, a 49-year-old man living a typical busy life, was relying on medications to get through his day. He would wake up feeling groggy and lethargic and would be falling asleep at his desk daily; he took that simply as a sign that it was time for more coffee. He went through the day feeling sluggish and had constant mood swings that were affecting both his relationships and his work. He was experiencing sore and achy joints and had horrible acid reflux that was so bad it was affecting his sleep; he was on high doses of Nexium as well as blood pressure medication.


Scott had been feeling terrible for years already and had gone to see a doctor, who diagnosed him with acid reflux, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Still, at this point, there were nights when his acid reflux was so bad he would just sit up in bed and cry from the discomfort of the acid. After a few years, he saw his doctor again and was prescribed more medication, this time for the cholesterol. Scott had had enough—he didn’t want to take any more pills. Scott knew there had to be another way and called his cousin for advice. Scott told her what was going on and that he felt he needed a restart, a cleanse. She recommended the Be Well Cleanse, and the rest is history….

1. How did you embark on the Be Well Cleanse?

I emptied our home of all the pitfalls: soda, sugar, bread, etc. Instead I filled the refrigerator with a garden’s worth of food. Two weeks later and 14 pounds lost, I am a true believer! I have energy again; I sleep a lot better; my skin looks better; and I have a much clearer mind. The best part of the program is that I was educated and reprogrammed. Now instead of an egg sandwich with two slices of toast, I have a smoothie and more energy. I will be doing this cleanse again, and we use the recipes weekly!

2. After doing the Be Well Cleanse, how do you feel overall? How are your acid reflux and cholesterol levels?

Now when I wake up, I am up. I am no longer dragging myself to the shower—I just feel awake and alert. With this change in my diet, I also no longer experience any acid reflux, which is nothing short of a miracle for me. I also learned that my achy, painful joints were related to gluten, so now I avoid bread and feel so much better! Cholesterol prior to the cleanse was 243. After, it’s down to 185. I also went from 188 pounds to 174 pounds—I lost 14 pounds in just 14 days!

After my spouse saw the great results, he reluctantly did the Be Well Cleanse too, and the results are incredible! He has already done a second cleanse. Since then, my brother, his wife, and another friend have jumped on board, and they all agree: This isn’t just a cleanse, it’s a shift in what our understanding of food should be.

3. What is the most surprising thing this experience has taught you?

How much sugar is in all of the food I was eating! I was just not aware of it before. Also, it opened my eyes to how quick doctors are to prescribe a drug when you come to them with a problem instead of looking for possible food and lifestyle connections.  

4. Can you share with us some of the things you learned from Dr. Lipman and the Be Well?

Overall, I learned how programmed we are to just consume and believe the marketing. That sugar is a root cause for so much that was wrong with my health. I was raised in a fast-food world, and that super size as a result makes sense. Our refrigerator looks like a farmers’ market, and I don’t remember the last time I had a McDonald’s burger, thankfully.

5. What does a day in your life look like now, after the cleanse?

I have a Plant Protein + Multi shake in the morning, typically with strawberries, bananas, and almond milk. I no longer drink cow’s milk. My go-to snacks are nuts and fresh fruit or almond butter on a rice cake. I like to make hummus for snacking as well. We cook a lot and use the recipes on I am avoiding bread and gluten as much as possible. No more sugary soft drinks either—I drink water or sparkling water with some lime. For a treat, I will occasionally have a piece of chocolate, but I am able to just have a little and not go crazy with it as I would have before!

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