Should I Take Vitamin D?

Great short animation piece about a patient asking his doctor about vitamin D.

  • Kim

    Very funny! Only wish the scenario it wasn’t so true

  • Violins4us

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sara

    This sounds like my Dr. I had a Vit D level & she said to take 5,000 units/mo, 4.000
    & 3,000. Low levels of Vit D have been associated with cancer.  I don’t trust supplements they aren’t FDA regulated who knows the strength or even whats in them. 

  • Blair

    Great video!  Thank you.

  • Harryquick

    Sounds like Dr. Lipman is poised to make a fortune selling Vit. D.  Lets see how long he allows this post to appear.

  • Fernando

    My wife and I had bronchial congestion for many years, in 2009 our doctor recommended vitamin D and since then, we have had no more chest complications nor colds.  What matters is the  positive results.  By the time the FDA approves it, we’ll be in the fifth dimension. 

  • Celene

    This is abgsolutely brilliant. Doctors are only quick to prescribe medication- not interested in looking at natural alternatives as they are not scientifically proven. Thank G-d for medical doctors like yourself, who are realizing that there are other alternatives to medication in improving health      Celene

  • Jeff

    I enjoyed the cartoon.  However, this is a very serious issue and I would recommend interested viewers go to Carol Baggeley’ s web site at for a deep dive investigation of Vitamin D3.  In additiont, I recommend research and serious consideration of adding Vitamin K2 (MK7) as an adjunct to Vitamin D3.  For further information on similar topics, check out my facebook site at: where I provide links to current nutrition health options.  Best Regards, Jeff

  • Markmcc

    I prescribe the following for those interested in vitamin D:  take a 20 minute walk in the sunshine 3 days per week.  And don’t get your blood tested for vitamin D levels.

  • Lisa

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  • Doug Skaggs

    i love any type of these “automated voice” discussions, on any subject. this one here is too classic. that Dr sure wanted to prescribe Prozac to his patient. – LOLOL.

    sadly, just like too many real doctors always want to do.