Simple Ways to Move More Daily

Our current culture is accustomed to sitting for hours, daily. A “typical day”consists of long work hours primarily at a desk, followed by an inactive commute home, and then an evening on the couch. Why is this not ideal? A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a host of ailments that don’t support agility and longevity. Our bodies are meant to move and thrive at their best when given the opportunity to do so. You don’t need an intense workout regime to reap the benefits of movement. Instead, incorporate some of these simple tips into your daily life to help support your body long-term. Bonus, you will mentally feel the benefits as well!

Make your commutes/errands more movement friendly

Whether it’s on your way to work, a meeting, lunch, grocery store, or the gym, choose the longest and most scenic route there. Then, get creative and add movement whenever you can! Ideally if you can walk or bike the entire route to and from your destination, that would be a great way to incorporate more movement daily. But if not, get off the subway a stop early or park the car as far away as possible, and then walk the rest. You could even drive halfway to your destination and then walk/bike the rest. Get creative, but prioritize moving your body on all of your commutes.

Stop ordering in

Instead of ordering in your lunch at work, commit to getting up and getting out to go get your food. Take a brisk walk in fresh air and add in a little extra loop on your way whenever you can.

Make walking part of your date

Catching up with a friend or your partner doesn’t always have to mean sitting at a bar sipping wine! Try an active date such as bowling, rock climbing, a walk on the beach or park, hiking, or whatever your surroundings allows for. In addition to keeping you on your feet, you get to actually experience something fun and healthy together which is nurturing for the relationship in and of itself!

Always take the stairs

Ditch elevators and escalators and always go for the climb. This is a simple and effective way to get your heart rate up on the regular, which has numerous health benefits from improved cardiovascular function to mood-boosting.

Add a furry friend to your life

Not only does having a pet fill your heart with joy and uplift your spirits, they also force you to get outside and move! Puppies specifically need to release their energy often. So, if you are at a good place in your life to welcome a pet, this is another simple way to get more movement in daily.

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