Six Steps to Feel Great This Fall + A Giveaway

Fall is here! The days are getting shorter, the kids are going back to school, the leaves are falling, and we’re pulling out sweaters and boots. But it’s not just an important transition for our wardrobe – in Chinese medicine, the changing of the seasons is an important time to honor our bodies.

Because fall is such a good time to reset your health we’re giving away Cleanse Kits and health coaching to help you get there!  You’ll find all of the details at the end of this post, but first here are six steps everyone can take to feel great this fall:

1. Ground with Yoga

After doing my yoga teacher training in India last fall, I have been practicing nearly every day. Then I took a week off and I was a stiff, achy, moaning, groaning mess! A daily yoga practice is such a good way to bring fluidity to the spine, un-do the issues that creep up from sitting at a computer and typing way too much, stimulate the endocrine system, and generally “work out the kinks” of modern-day life.

No time for yoga class? No problem! Even 6-12 rounds of sun salutations can be a great foundation for a home practice. Throw in a couple inversions such as shoulderstand and you’ll feel like new.

Some good resources to start a home yoga practice are Dharma Mittra Maha Sadhana or

2. Nourish with Food

Summer may have been about green juice and smoothies (or margaritas and tortilla chips), but as you move into fall it’s time to incorporate more seasonal vegetables. I always associate fall with carrots, beets, squash and pumpkin. But don’t forget about other fall finds like crisp apples, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. The more you enjoy the fresh flavors of seasonal fruits and vegetables, the less likely you’ll be to overdose on Halloween candy.

3. Calm with Nature

Now that it’s not too hot and before it gets too cold, step outside to enjoy these “just right” crisp fall days!

“Throughout history, humans have strolled, sat, stood, and slept on the ground – the skin of their bodies touching the skin of the Earth. In developed societies, we have lost our roots. Our bare feet, with their rich network of nerve endings, rarely touch the ground… Although it is not something you have probably ever thought about, you may be suffering needlessly because of this disconnect.” – From Earthing, by Clinton Ober

The cure for this nature deprivation is simple – take a walk in the park, breathe in the fresh air, and get barefoot in the grass for a bit too!

4. Reset with a Cleanse

Fall is a great time to do a gentle detox, especially if you are plagued by allergies. Seasonal allergies are a sure sign that your liver is overloaded and needs some support. A Cleanse which includes an elimination diet, liver nutrients and antimicrobial herbs can help to reduce the toxic load on your liver and tune up your digestion. All of this can help you feel refreshed and ready for the transition into the winter months.

5. Warm with Tea

Drop the pumpkin spice latte! Step away from the Starbucks! Instead of going for caffeinated sugar-bomb drinks that are full of cow’s milk, switch to tea.

The transition away from coffee can be difficult, I know. When you’re making the switch, I recommend yerba mate for a milder pick-me-up without the jitters you get from coffee. Have a cup in the morning, and in the afternoon have caffeine-free herbal teas. (“No caffeine after lunch” is a good rule to follow to protect your sleep.) Tea is less acidic and harsh on your system, and I find my energy to be much smoother when I drink tea instead of coffee.

We also love green tea and rooibos tea from South Africa which is full of antioxidants.

6. Energize with Friends

As Dr. Lipman says, our bodies aren’t made to “go, go, go.” We also need to rest and play. The trick is to make sure that your time to play is actually giving you a boost instead of making you exhausted. This fall, give your social life a gentle cleanse. Instead of meeting your friends for happy hour, look for new ways to connect and energize. Meet a friend for yoga, green juice, a walk in the park, a spinning class, or a cup of rooibos tea.

Want to win one of the Cleanse kits for yourself?  Get your first entry by leaving a comment below telling us how you’ll be getting healthy this fall.  If you really want to win, complete more of the options for entries – the more actions you take, the more chances to win!

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