Some Facts About The Gastro-Intestinal System

Gastro Intestinal System

Did you know the GI tract is 30 feet long? That’s a surface area the size of a doubles tennis court! Like our skin, it’s continually exposed to substances from the outside world. But unlike skin, it has an extremely thin lining providing the barrier between the internal body and the external world.

Toxins and food particles can easily pass through this wall into the bloodstream if the lining gets damaged causing systemic problems. Although the GI tract is thought of as our digestive system, it is also a major part of our immune system (it’s the largest immune organ in the body), a major part of our detoxification system and a sensory organ with it’s own nervous system. All the neurotransmitters found in the brain, are also found in the GI tract, hence the term “gut feelings.”

Given that the GI tract plays such a crucial role in so many areas of the body, it makes sense that correcting digestive problems and gastrointestinal dysfunction is key to health and vitality.

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    can you say anything about the possible relationship of the gut to puffiness under the eyes (not thyroid related)? i've read conflicting information about what causes chronic puffiness under the eyes–some sources say gut, some say liver, some say adrenal. i'm wondering what your observations are from your practice. thank you. i enjoy your pieces on huffington post.

  • My experience has been that it is often adrenals or thyroid related, but it often happens with gut problems too and usually with people who are not sleeping well. Those would be the commonest causes that I see
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  • Great post! People don't realize the connection to a healthy gut and their own health…especially the brain.

  • Great post! People don't realize the connection to a healthy gut and their own health…especially the brain.

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    I have Crohns disease and you had suggested not using your supplements, but instead cutting out sugar, dairy and glutens. I can only do one at a time, as I love sugar and dairy. I am now on Greek yogurt that is supposed to be better for you. What do you think? What about my bones/calcium? If i dont eat dairy, how am i to protect my bones. I already have osteopenia. I have been off and on steroids for the past 19 years and I do take Actonel every week and Humira for the Crohns. What is your suggestion for bone protection if i cannot eat dairy and can i continue on the Greek yogurt? I am reading your book, Spent, and I am halfway through it. I hope i will be able to clean out my cupboards as my husband is a meat and potatoes man. It will be difficult but I am going to try to eliminate dairy first. Do you have any other suggestions for me? I am 58, soon to be 59 and other than the Crohns disease, I am tired after working all day and commuting an hour each way on public transportation, going to bed at 8:00 p.m. I think that is too early, and i should try to do activities on weeknights, but I am just so tired…Help!